Saturday, March 10, 2012

Central Florida Street Fighter x Tekken Tourney @ Cybertron Video Games!

Wake your daughter, up! This time we're Crossing the Line @ the all-new Cybertron Video Games in Mascotte, FL! Here are the details about the latest event -

Cybertron Video Games
219 W. Myers Blvd
Mascotte, FL 34753
352-429-TRON (8766)

Date: Saturday - March 24th, 2012
Time: 12pm / Noon
Game & Platform: Street Fighter x Tekken (XBox 360)
Admission: $10 ($5 for Registration & Venue and $5 for Pot)
1st Place - 60% of Pot, 2nd Place - 30%, 3rd Place - 10%.
Tournament Format:
- Double-elimination
- Best of 3 matches!
- Finals are best of 5 matches!
- Default Gems
- Personal peripherals are definitely allowed and encouraged, so B.Y.O.C!
- Registration ends @ 11:30am on March 24th, 2012
- Register by visiting Cybertron Video Games, calling the store, at our Facebook Event, by e-mail at or RSVP on this very thread!

This is Cybertron's fourth tourney, following our Capcom vs SNK 2 Intergalactic Battle in 2003 & recently our MvC3, MK9 & SSF4AE Tournaments. Those tournaments had great turnouts and we want this one to be as hype as those throwdowns were! Central Florida has a strong fighting game community, as evidenced by the recent CEO 2011 competition in June. Spread the word, assemble your crew for a good time, help to make tournaments a regular occurrence again at the new Cybertron Video Games!

We'll see you there!
Twitter: @CybertronGames
Facebook Event: Thread:

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